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Friday, September 22, 2017
Journalism Class Articles

These are a few of the first articles written by the journalism class: 

Hurricane Irma Hits Hard by Hailey Green

It is hurricane season in the Atlantic. Hurricane Irma was an extremely powerful and catastrophic category 5 hurricane.  Hurricane Irma struck Southwest Florida on Sunday, September 10, 2017. In Southwest Florida, downed power lines and flooded streets were a major concern.  Hurricane Irma weakened as it moved upward. It was not as bad as it was expected to be in Alabama.  Near home, we experienced power outages, fallen limbs, and blown off shingles.  

Pep Rally Pep by Savannah Stuckey

The pep rally was terrific.  The music was such a variety of active music.  My being recognized as a senior made me feel so happy hearing everyone scream my name.  The cheerleaders were absolutely amazing! Their stunts were on point, and the crowd went wild! The band was great, too. I loved hearing the big boom of the bass drum.  The colorguard seemed excited about their first pep rally.  I hope all pep rallies are as exciting as the first one was. 

Ag Academy by Alex Mueller

The Ag Academy is one of many in the academy program in Pike County Schools. Currently, the students are deep in their studies of the college classes they are taking.  Right now, the sophomores are taking U. S. History, Art Appreciation, and ag orientation.  The Juniors are taking English Comp, Micro-economics, and Horticulture.  The Seniors are taking Biology II, English Literature, Speech, and Landscape and Design.  All of the non-college classes are taught online, and the Ag ones are taught by Mrs. Rich and Mr. Eiland.  Tuesday, they took a trip to the Pike County Cattleman's Building for Farm Day.

Eagles Beat Purple Cats by Taten Phillips

On september 1, 2017, Goshen played Ariton.  We, the Goshen Eagles, won 28-10 on that Friday night. After our win, we were happy because it was the first win of our senior year. The Purple Cats were no challenge to the Eagle offense or defense.  This game just started our chase for the championship ring. Each player on the team wants wants to go all the way this year. It is extra special for this year's seniors because we have been playing together for most of our lives. I hope the whole school is excited about this upcoming football season.

Eagles Fly to Victory by Brock Snyder

On September 8, last Friday, the Goshen Eagles faced off against the Calhoun Tigers. The Eagles traveled over an hour to play a game that was very quick. The Tigers' offense counldn't get the ball past the 50 yard line due to the strong Eagle defense.  The Eagles' offense scored almost every time they touched the ball.  By the end of the first quarter, the Eagles were ahead 35-0.  The highlight of the game was a 48 yard field goal.  Come out and support the Eagles this Friday, September 15, at Eagle stadium. They will be playing Luverne tigers; this will be an area game.

My Job by elijah Newson

At my job, my work is laid back. I do different things everyday depending on what's left to do.  I label packages or go out on deliveries. We deliver to different places and different items to those places. Some places are Key Lock, Golden Boy, Wiley Sanders, and the fire department. Some items are gloves, chemical mixers, paper towels, and barrels.  Only a few of us work there, but we all get the job done.  I have a good job with good pay and a happy environment.   



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