Goshen cheerleaders impress at Auburn camp
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Thursday, July 13, 2017
GHS Varsity Cheer Team
GHS Varsity Cheer Team

Published in Troy Messenger on Thurs, July 13

The Goshen varsity cheer squad took home four awards at the Auburn Cheerleading camp.

After weeks of practicing their routine, the Eagles put their work to the test and finished in first place in the cheer competition and came in second place in the Xtreme, sideline and game day competitions.

“We had a great week,” said head cheer coach Angie Thomas. “We learned dances, cheers and dances. On the last day we compete in four different categories. That’s really good because we were in a pretty big division this time. We had six teams in our division, so we were pleased with our outcome.”

After a week that featured 12 hour days of hard work, the Eagles capped off the week on a high note.


“It’s always a lot of fun and a lot of hard work,” Thomas said. “We started at 8 in the morning and we work until 9 at night. It’s long hard days, but it’s exciting.”


Along with finishing well in the competitions, the Eagles also took home the Banana Spirit Award.


“We’ve never won it,” Thomas said. “We were excited about that.”


Five Eagles were tapped for All American: Masey Waller, Selena Ellis, Aleyah Daniels, Taylor Hutto and Olivia Kyzar.


Two team members were invited to try out for UCA: Ellis and Waller.


After weeks of hard work, Thomas was pleased to see it all pay off.
















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